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At R&T Consultores, we have set ourselves the goal of advising our clients on implementing strategies to minimize the tax cost of their operations, allowing them to increase their competitiveness and strengthen their strategic positioning in the market.

Our professional services are based on the following foundations:

• Permanent tax planning;
• Continuous analysis and study of the current tax regulations;
• Keeping our clients informed about relevant tax updates for the development of their commercial activity;
• Studying, analyzing, and evaluating the feasibility and tax risks of management decisions consulted by our clients;
• Excellence in service delivery;
• Achieving a proper understanding of our clients’ business;
• Building a relationship of solid trust and confidentiality with our clients.

– Tax advisory services aimed at minimizing the tax burden, analyzing the impact of taxes on business operations.
– Special analysis for business reorganizations, investment and business projects, operation and debt restructuring, incentive and industrial and commercial promotion schemes.
– Design of business structures.

Accounting and Audit

R&T Consultores implements a risk-based audit approach and internal controls, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the business and developing an effective and efficient process. Our audit services include:


Consists of leaving the accounting and administrative tasks of the organization in the hands of our specialized professionals.

    • Design of management information packages.
    • Consists of implementing reliable accounting reports for decision-making.
    • Economic and financial diagnosis and profitability analysis.
    • Development and implementation of dashboards.
    • Cost analysis.
    • Diagnosis and solutions in administrative processes.
    • Evaluation of administrative structures.
    • Design of administrative processes and internal control systems.

    Our auditing process is based on an evaluation of the reliability of our clients’ internal control systems and the determination of strategic business risks.


    Focused on applying procedures to verify that our clients’ procedures and controls focus on operational efficiency, fraud prevention, and asset protection.


    Consists of applying audit procedures based on the survey and analysis of administrative circuits to determine the efficiency of the internal control environment, prevent and detect fraud, errors, and/or omissions.


    Preparation of accounting reports and certifications.

Societies, Civil Entities, and Trusts

At R&T Consultores , we provide advice to achieve the best business structuring.


    We provide advice to choose the most suitable legal form when starting a new business from a tax and accounting point of view.
    Registration of companies and submission of procedures to the IGJ and the Provincial Directorate of Legal Entities.



    We provide advice on corporate restructuring processes such as mergers, spin-offs, etc.


    Specialized advice on Trust contracts.

    Technical assistance in the establishment of Construction, Investment, Administration, etc.


    Specialized advice to non-profit entities such as Civil Associations and Foundations.

Human Resources

At R&T Consultores , we provide our clients with advice on the selection process of Human Resources in order to choose the most suitable hiring method for each particular case.

Human Resources Advisory

– We provide advice aimed at choosing the most appropriate hiring method when incorporating human resources into the company.
– Through a detailed study of the collective agreements applicable to each particular activity

Payroll Processing

Our payroll outsourcing services allow our clients to entrust the execution of those tasks that are not part of the core business of their companies to experienced professionals.
At R&T Consultores , we offer the best service provision at a lower cost in time and money, taking advantage of their own economies of scale.
This way, our clients can free themselves from these tasks and focus on critical aspects of their businesses’ core.
Our payroll processing services are based on a detailed study and application of the current regulations, focusing especially on the Collective Bargaining Agreements applicable to each particular activity.

Single tax system and Small Businesses

At R&T Consultores , we have a specialized division that provides advice to single tax payers and small businesses, aimed at providing solutions with excellence, professionalism, and at a very affordable cost.

  • Tax advisory services aimed at minimizing the tax burden;
  • Analysis of the impact of taxes on commercial operations
  • Specialized advice on Income Tax, Personal Property Tax, VAT, and Gross Income Tax.
  • Advice and collaboration for inspections. Preparation of defenses in tax determination administrative procedures, defenses for summary instruction, tax refunds.
  • Interposition of claims in tax matters and application of sanctions, reaching the highest possible judicial instance.
single tax system:
  • Advisory services for single tax system taxpayers. Option between single tax system and other tax regimes
  • Registration in single tax system
  • Recategorizations and quarterly sworn statements
  • Development of management and accounting information systems
  • Advisory services in business administration
  • Profitability analysis
  • Payroll and social security charges settlements
  • Independent workers.


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